Tax Debt is more common than you realize

Stop carrying around your tax troubles - you are not alone.


In 2014 the IRS audited 1.4M returns.

Over 12 million Americans are currently in collections with the IRS. 

They owe over $138 Billion.

3.5M returns are still unfiled.

In 2014 25B in civil penalties were assessed. 

Over 500B escaped collection in the underground economy.


There are so many ways to put your tax troubles behind you. We can help explain your options and work towards a future without IRS letters in your mailbox. 


In the same year the IRS also:

Abated (wrote off) 9B in taxes assessed.

Granted 27,000 offers in compromise, amounting to $179.4 million in taxes written off.

Issued almost 118.7 million refunds amounting to more than $373.5 billion.