Why Choose The Tax Law Group?


1. I didn't prepare your return. One of the most common mistakes in an audit is to use the professional who prepared your financials to represent you. There is a conflict of interest when someone just might be more interested in defending their own work than they are in defending you. You want someone who is willing to amend and change earlier filings; a second set of eyes if you will.

2. The attorney client privilege I have with my clients does not exist between you and your cpa or accountant. None of your conversations are protected and none of the information they know about your financials is protected by that privilege. 

3. I am a local resource for your needs. We are not a faceless office across the country where you are not quite sure who is doing your work. I personally service my clients and do not farm out the work to less qualified individuals. I personally attend the audit meetings, do the litigation, and work with you to make sure your matter is handled.