Practice Areas

Appellate Practice

Sometimes proceedings at the district court level do not go the way you hoped. The attorneys at Ofenbakh Law Firm understands the appeals process, and will put their knowledge to work for you to obtain a favorable result. Appeals are about errors, and Ofenbakh Law Firm knows how to find reversible errors to ensure your rights are protected.
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Business Law

When forming a new business, there are many things to keep in mind. One of the most important is that the business is formed in accordance with the relevant local, state, and national laws. Our experience in business law can ensure that your business complies relevant laws and regulations, as well as keep you up to date on changes that affect your livelihood.
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Criminal Law

We know that each case is unique and everyone has his or her own story. We work vigorously to defend you and show your side of the story as well as who you are as a person. We have experience defending a variety of criminal charges.
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Estate Planning

Most people who undertake the process of planning their estates are motivated by a desire to pass on assets according to their own present inclinations. But estate planning is not only about what happens to our assets when we pass away; effective planning follows us through our lives from stage to stage, depending on our specific needs at the time.
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Family Law

The attorneys at Ofenbakh Law Firm can help you and your family with all of the most common Family Law issues including Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Child Support and Child Custody disputes, Legal Separations and Divorces. Our attorneys will counsel you on all the options available in these areas so that you can be sure to make the right decision for your family.
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Medicaid Planning

Just like planning for the prospect of your own death, no one really likes to dwell on the thought of going into a nursing home. Nursing home care comes at a significant price both personally and financially because individuals are no longer living in their own homes- and- they are paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to do so.
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